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FMCG Lifestyle Trend

Receive weekly one-page detailed trend keyword by industry directly to your e-mail address.

This is not only the upcoming trends but it is also the most common features and product types that will be popular in the next 3-5 years! Let us know your company size and type, and we will send the customized IEUM evaluation chart and promising products that fir your business and industry.


* This product is a version for Starter Plan and if you want more detail and deep data catalog, please purchase the other plans for example, Business plan or Expert plan.

40,000 / month for 12 months

FMCG Lifestyle Trend

The subscription to the FMCG Lifestyle Trend Report includes 12months of Trends about 12 FMCG Industries. We will send you one trend keyword per week that was selected by a data scientist at IEUM Interactive.

What’s included?

  1. Trend Keyword Description – Define the meaning and the causes of the trend in the market
  2. IEUM Evaluation Chart – Shows how the most promising products under that trend keyword are located in relation to the market attractiveness and business fitness scores
  3. Key Product Features under the Trend Keyword – find out the common features that unite the most promising products under the trend keyword
  4. Data Scientist’s TOP 3 Picks – The TOP 3 products that we selected as the future best performers in terms of business fitness and market attractiveness

Please let us know your company type, size and preferences  to received customized trend report. See the steps below.

Process after purchase:

  1. We will send you instructions directly to your sign-up e-mail after purchase.
  2. Fill-out the form in the link received on your email
  3. Receive your first customized weekly FMCG lifestyle trend report!


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