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IEUM Interactive is a team of experts in new business development, market research, big data analysis, and industrial businesses. 

We will continue to serve as the ‘link’ (이음) between the R&D companies and the distributors, manufacturers, and final customers.

We will continue to pursue our shared values and give our all without fear of failure.


Our Company Values

Our Mission Is To Practice Shared Values And Facilitate Better Understanding Between The Hi-Tech Product Makers And Users.​

Make it together, share it, grow it together.

101% Value Creatiion, 101% Consideration, 101% Care, and 101% Passion

To become a service company that builds the global market for R&D products based on outstanding insight capabilities, various sources of revenue, faster demand-research and analytics systems


We have shown continuous growth since the day of establishment

Since 2018, IEUM gained a reputation of a trustworthy company and expanded globally


Our Clients Who Trust Us

Retro Brand

Modern company specializing in producing retro accessories for interiors.

HSH, Inc.

Canada based company, producing and offering equippment for hunting.


Interior design company, providing people architecture and design services.


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