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Yesterday,tomorrow and today

History through the lens of data

Yesterday, tomorrow and today

Recently we looked at how data is part of our everyday lives. It is such an interesting thing to know. Today we are going to be looking at history through the lens of data George Santayana once said and I quote those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Yes it is always important to know ones history. This combination might not be one everyone is interested in but we cannot do without it altogether.

History and data goes hand in hand because history itself is data. From data from the past we can make a lot of speculations about how our future is going to play out based on what has happened in the past. So that we cannot leave out data from history and vice versa.

When we go to those who take the big shots like UN and major national corporations we can take an example from them because much of their work is based on evidence from data. How does this apply to us then you might ask.

Let us break it down then to our everyday life level. You know with data like how much you spend in a month you can derive how much you spent and what you spent on. This I believe would inform your next budget how to reduce costs and also save up on excess expenses. Also past information about a neighborhood can also help to know whether it would be a good place to say or not.

Look around you data is not far from you and so is history. Embracing this would help make your life easier since you can predict how things would turn out through data.


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