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Data and us

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Data and us

When we think about data what comes to mind I am sure you are pretty much thinking about a nerdy student crunching numbers on a calculator. We all feel like that sometimes but the most amazing thing is data is right at out finger tips. In our everyday lives we make a lot of interactions with data on a day to day basis.

So before you start thinking about a data analyst or a data scientist first look within you because you are also handling some form of data. From your budget, to the grocery store and stocking your favorite soap. Data is all around you in fact in our current world we cannot do without data.

Fun fact is data is not only relevant for the country, the economy or getting a good job in fact it has become very relevant in our everyday lives as well.

Giving a practical example of how data affects your everyday life. With an increase in online shopping I am sure you have bought a thing or two on an online shopping platform. And when you do that what do you usually look out for, you look out for reviews and ratings which is data in itself so sometimes depending on the reviews you either buy the item or refrain from buying it. That right there is data at work in our everyday life.

So before we start thinking that data and everything about it is for the nerds we should look around and recognize that data is right with us and is us.

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