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Big data and AI are the best tools for differentiation in the market and this is what we do best. 

IEUM 이음, meaning “connection”. We bring people a step closer to AI 


Products we offer!

We work efficiently with the great bulk of services and an even greater amount of data. This way, we create the best products for you.

define target markets and analyze the most promising products in the market.

provide consumer experience keywords including social network reviews, usage& attitude, and so on.

provide concepts, standard samples, and portfolios with high-quality, low-cost, and custom designs.

provide the list of parts and materials for the most promising products in B2B/B2C industries.


About Us

We started our way as a start-up, Spin-off of NBD Consulting firm in South Korea and grew to strong partnerships and client base

Since 2018, IEUM gained a reputation of a trustworthy company and expanded globally.


We Employ Unique Algorithm For The Latest Market Trends

We will continue to develop shared values that can give a bright future to makers of R&D products that have been created as hard as labor pains, and give revenue (low purchasing costs and high-quality sales) to customers. We will listen to the wishes of R&D companies, employees, business partners, distributors, and demanders.
I’ll do my best by squeezing out the last 1% without fear of failure.


“We believe in living life like a festival! This can be reached when you do what you like. Ieum is a team of professionals who are passionate about data and AI. Therefore, we are always happy to find the data you need to nourish your business.”


Founder, CEO of IEUM Interactive

Product Options

The Product Options We Offer

Most Of The Datasets Are Processed With Multi-Label Active Learning Or Hybrid Active Learning. That Is Iterative Supervised Learning Combined Concepts From The Field Of Machine Learning.

We value every client and put major efforts to perform our work on the highest level.


Try our one-time dataset, and upgrade your product type.

Dataset & Onboarding Service

We will teach you how to extract business insights and how to easily apply the dataset to your business needs.

Dataset & Relearning Program

This includes a dataset and the algorithm for relearning and adjusting your data on your own.


Enjoy our all-inclusive product. Learn how to use the dataset and the relearning program altogether. This option includes Dataset, Relearning Program & Onboarding service


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