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While looking at several companies using purchase vouchers during the 2022 data voucher support project, we started this because we thought ieum Interactive's data would be of great help to our company.
As I started working, I was very grateful to see the data that the CEO and the person in charge had personally sampled from the database one by one.
We were very grateful while working for providing us with DB materials that we could really use to help us.

If I have another opportunity in the future, I hope to be able to work with ieum Interactive.

Mr.Kim, Manager


I was lucky to meet ieum. We need to incorporate the latest technology into our education business, but we didn't know how to use AI in which field. However, while working on the AI ​​project, they even designed our company's business model for free, which was a great help.

Mr.Jeong, CEO


Finding reliable raw material suppliers to create good products that can satisfy consumers is more difficult than you might think.

'ieum' literally plays an important role in not only resolving these company difficulties through data processing but also contributing to the company's growth.

Mrs. Han, Manager


It is difficult to collect datas with Parts and Materials at once due to its low accuracy and a lot of manual work, but I was surprised by the fact that they collected a large amount of data from not just one but several countries.

I don't know what method they used, but I am very satisfied with the fact that real-time information is updated, which increases actual user MAU and sales.

May you prosper!

Mr.Kim, CEO


Although it started as a startup and lacked awareness and resources, it helped us a lot in pioneering overseas markets. When I heard that they were directly carrying out a global market development project, I had faith, but I had no idea that such good data would be produced.

I learned a lot what "targeting" is. So far, my marketing experience has been meaningless.

Although the last maintenance period ended, additional work was performed free of charge, so I am still using it well.

Mr.Oh, CEO


Mareummo(Diamond meaning) is rotating

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“We believe in living life like a festival! This can be reached when you do what you like. ieum is a team of professionals who are passionate about data and AI. Therefore, we are always happy to find the data you need to nourish your business.”

We Started Our Way As A Start-Up, Spin-Off Of NBD Consulting Firm In South Korea And Grew To Strong Partnerships And Client Base.

Since 2018, ieum gained a reputation of a trustworthy company and expanded globally from hitech commercializations to FMCG/MediaContents(Culture•Metaverse)/Public•Social Service as AI Data specialized company.

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